mudron dark matter generator


Drones and dark textures

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mudron dark matter generator



Mudron – Dark matter generator is both a standalone sound source and an audio effect.
Based on a bank of modulated comb filters, it generates drones, dark textures, ripples, glitches, noise and
other disturbances from its internal oscillator or any audio source.
  • Rumble, Body, Color and Sparkle controls to adjust the frequency content of the sound
  • Modulation (ranging from 20sec long up to 10Hz)
  • Delay and Jitter
  • Internal oscillator with Frequency and Beats controls

Create slow evolving soundscapes and join the dark side of the sound.

Download the Mudron Quick Guide:

Mudron Quick Guide 1.0

System Requirements:
  • PC/MAC running the full version of REAKTOR 6.0 or higher. Reaktor Player is not supported.
For more information about Reaktor please visit the Native Instruments website: