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Formant Filter and Talking-bass Machine

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SYLLABIUM is basically a Formant Filter – a special kind of filter with fixed frequencies in the spectrum (formants) that simulate the sound of vowels of the human vocal tract.
It can be applied to external audio sources as an effect or can be used with its internal synth engine.


With SYLLABIUM you can smoothly morph between different vowel sounds and modulate different parameters with different modulation sources.


  • Five vowel sounds (A, E, I, O and U) in each of the four available slots
  • SCAN control smoothly fades between vowels
  • Two different vocal timbres (select from Bass, Tenor, Alto and Soprano) to crossfade between
  • Two different voice modes: “HUMAN” and “ROBOT”
  • AGE and DEPTH controls to shape the sound
  • Forman Filter can be applied to an external audio or to the internal synth voice
  • Synth voice’s envelope triggered by MIDI gate or gate signal extracted from audio
  • Different modulation sources (LFO, Envelope Follower, Step-Sequencer, MIDI messages)
  • MATRIX section to managing all the modulation routing

Apply vocal textures to any audio source or use the built-in synth voice to create modern talking bass lines.

Download the Syllabium User Manual:

Syllabium User Manual

System Requirements:
  • PC/MAC running the full version of REAKTOR 6.0 or higher. Reaktor Player is not supported.
For more information about Reaktor please visit the Native Instruments website:

NOTE: The SYLLABIUM Ensemble replaces the name of the old Vokaloid Ensemble to avoid copyrigths issues with products from another company with a very similar name. If you already own the previous version, you don’t need to purchase it again as it features only an aesthetic change. If you like the new version, you can just download it again in your Purchase History after login. If you don’t own the new Syllabium, you can just buy this new version.

Block version

Included for FREE, the main filter engine from Syllabium build for Reaktor 6 Blocks Framework!