Deep Time

Analog-style 16 Steps Sequencer

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Deep Time 1.3  

DEEP TIME SEQUENCER is our virtual emulation of the Doepfer Dark Time analog sequencer that runs on Native Instruments Reaktor platform (it requires the latest 5.9.2 !).
You can buy the original machine at: Doepfer Dark time
It keeps the same basic functionalities of the original hardware plus some NEW FEATURES:

  • Emph” mode: emphasizes or accents a note with MIDI Velocity messages
  • Bend” mode: each step can send a MIDI Pitch Bend message (useful to glide between notes)

and some optimizations and advantages:

  • you can save as presets all the sequences you want
  • you can easily set the correct pitch value on each step with a visual feedback on the correspondig row display
  • you have separate controls for Clock time, clock Division factor, pulse Width and Shuffle amount for ease of operation
  • with the Note button you can easily program a note sequence while listening to an internal tone generator
  • a display to show the BPM value of both the internal and host-sync clock
  • it can be used to control another Reaktor Instrument, an external plugin or any hardware MIDI instrument capable of receiving MIDI Note messages
  • well designed Graphic User Interface
  • the overall structure runs at  Control Rate (400 Hz by default) and is extremely CPU-friendly
  • last but not least, this sequencer benefits from the potentiality of the Reaktor Core Level technology and has an extremely steady and solid structure that will no cause any unwanted reset or strange behaviours in normal applications. It also avoids the unwanted and unpredictable Reaktor GRE (Global Reset Events) that can tipically occur.

Check out new 1.3 update!  View “Details” section for more.

Like the original machine, our Deep Time Sequencer has two rows of eight steps that can run in parallel (both rows running at the same time; this mode has to be used with polyphonic sound sources) or in series (one sequence of sixteen steps). It also has the special Dual mode where the first eight steps row runs as a note sequence while the second row is used to set individual gate length for each of the first raw corresponding steps.

Each row has independent controls for:

  • running direction: upward, backward, random
  • octave transposing: one octave lower/higher

The “Range” switch can controls the overall octave range for each knob controlling pitch:

  • 1: total range of one octave  (from C3 to C4)
  • 2: total range of two octaves (from C2 to C4)
  • 5: total range of five octaves (from C0 to C5)

The clock can be set to internal or synced with the Host clock.

In the Panel B view you can have access to global settings such as Velocity and Pitch Bend values, Random Trigger, Key Transpose and so on…


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