Additive Morphing Oscillator

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Dark Matter generator

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Rhythmic and FX Textures

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Formant Filter and Talking Bass

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Deep Time

Analog-style 16 Steps Sequencer

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Deep Energy

VA Mono Synth for FREE!

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Reaktion: sound tools and boutique Ensembles for Reaktor

Reaktion is a new online source of quality Ensembles such as virtual instruments, sound generators, digital effects and more, built for the Native Instruments Reaktor platform.

While building our premium Reaktor Ensembles, we take care about innovation, special features, great playability, clear and well designed GUI and optimal CPU consuming.

Reaktor is a powerful object-oriented software from Native Instruments that enables you to create any type of new sound tools for sound design and music production. You can find any information and buy the software at:

Native Instruments Reaktor 6

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Reaktion project

The word “Reaktion” has obviously to do with Reaktor software but, for us, has a special meaning: the art of creating sounds – and all the magic around it, has something in common with the chemical reactions, where you combine several substances to break their chemical bonds and creating a new one. So, when you create or generate a sound, you can manipulate it, process it, transform it in any possible way and also combine it with another sound source, to obtain a completely new “sound bond”, where the original “sound molecules” can be still recognizable or even not, but are still there, somewhere.