hypnosium additive morphing oscillator


Additive Morphing Oscillator

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hypnosium additive morphing oscillator



Hypnosium – Additive Morphing Oscillator is a sound module that implements Additive Synthesis to create a wide range of timbres. Shape the sound at your taste by manually drawing the harmonic content, refine it with additional features and morphing through different waveform banks.


• Six banks of drawable Additive waveforms
• Waveform Sequencing with external gate signals
• Waveform Scanning with Morph control
• Automatic random waveform generator
• Smooth change of harmonics number
• Stereo width&panning
• FM-like inharmonic timbres
• Output waveform display
• Anti-aliasing generation



Draw your own sound and use the morphing features to get hypnotic soundscapes

Download the Hypnosium Quick Guide:

Hypnosium Quick Guide 1.0

System Requirements:
  • PC/MAC running the full version of REAKTOR 6.0.3 or higher. Reaktor Player is not supported.
For more information about Reaktor please visit the Native Instruments website: