Rhythmic and FX Textures

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PULSAR is an effect processor that enables you to apply complex rhythmic and FX/Lo-fi textures to any kind of audio source.
Combining two “Slicers” (independent Step-Sequencers – one per audio channel – with variable gate repeats per step), you can “slice up” your sound and modulate the
parameters of the main FX and VCF/VCA sections.
  • Create your “sliced” signal with the variable number of gate triggers per step
  • Adjust the sync factor to the host clock, sequence length, step On/Off state and gate width for both    sequencers
  • Shape the overall sound with the analog sounding multimode filter in the VCF section
  • Insert an effect in the FX section choosing from four different algorithms (Tape Echo, Pitch Shifter, Modulator and Lo-Fi)
  • Make the final adjustment in the VCA section with controls over stereo widening and distortion level
  • Modulate the main parameters with the CV control from the two step sequencers
  • Use the CV smooth to glide between values
  • Mix the dry/wet signals of either the two “slicers” and the main FX
  • See how parameters are being modulated by the sequencer with the LED blinking inside each main knob
The PULSAR interface was built with focus on instant usability, easy access to all parameters and with a creative approach in making new sounds.


Transform any source into a complex pulsating sound, from simple tremolo-like effects to completely distorted/lo-fi sounds with adjustable rhythmic mask. All at the tweak of a knob.

Download the Pulsar User Manual:

Pulsar User Manual v1.0

System Requirements:
  • PC/MAC running the full version of REAKTOR 6.0.1 or higher. Reaktor Player is not supported.
For more information about Reaktor please visit the Native Instruments website: